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EV charging stations

The IPKW sports more than seventy charging stations across the park. This ensures sufficient charging capacity for its employees and visitors alike.

The park also features several fast charging stations, including one public fast charging station outside the gates. Please note that this is a public utility and therefore not exclusive to IPKW residents and visitors.

The IPKW charging stations take all the main charging cards. Anyone in possession of an access badge or a visitor’s badge is free to use the charging stations.

Innovative charging square

The main charging square boasts charging capacity for no less than sixty electric cars. The charging square features charging stations which are particularly small in size and are run by smart technology. All charging stations have been stripped of their internal technology, with all of these housed in a central distribution box.

From there, current is distributed over the various cars charging using smart technology. How much energy is directed there is dependent on user demand, vehicle type and the number of cars charging at any one time. This innovative charging square is the brainchild of a joint venture between Allego and the IPKW.


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