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Sharing knowledge and insights
IPKW-hosted events

The IPKW itself hosts events on topics such as energy, sustainability, recycling and mobility. We do this to try and gain some new insights and to exchange knowledge.

In that, we prefer to co-host such events with other interested parties. One example of this is when the IPKW co-hosted the The Future of Us event and the StartupDelta Summit 2018. IPKW is also a co-founder of the Innovate Meetup event series. This sees us actively go in search of potential new connections between technological developments, on the one hand, and societal challenges, on the other.

IPKW as your event venue

We like offering interested parties the opportunity of utilising the many event venues the IPKW is home to. Our park is ideally suited for any events you might like to host related to energy, recycling and mobility, using new materials and design. It’s also a great place for hosting educational events.

We offer both smaller-sized ready-to-use spaces kitted out with any A/V equipment you might need, as well as larger factory halls which may be customised to your needs. This allows us to offer event capacity for parties of 10-1,000 in size, be they meetings, workshops, product launches, conferences, or otherwise. You’re free to kit out any spaces booked to meet your specific needs and to allow them to convey the message your organisation or event wants to convey. The Hoofdstraat, or the site’s main avenue, lined with trees, period factory buildings, and innovative businesses provides a very classy setting to your event.


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