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interconnecting innovation, creativity and manufacturing

Arnhem city council and Gelderland Province have allocated the IPKW growth status. We have joined them, as well as HAN University of Applied Sciences and ROC Rijn IJssel, among others, in building the modern campus: a combination of businesses, schools and shared facilities, all housed at the same business park.


Innovation Lab

The Arnhem region is home to a large number of schools and businesses related to the energy and mobility sectors. Bringing those players together will allow us to strengthen the ‘energy hotspot’ and offer solutions to the global challenges faced in renewable energy and clean mobility.


We’ve allocated this Innovation Lab to be set up in the KB building – currently a redundant hangar. The Innovation Lab will offer shared facilities that may be used for education, research, testing and development. It will see students and business working together in hybrid learning environments. Also featured in the Innovation Lab are testing grounds which may be used for demonstrating newly-developed concepts, as well as social spots, e.g. project-specific spaces, catering and event-specific spaces and areas, where participants can then share their knowledge and experiences.



The Greenhouse that hosts the Generation-E programme is the place where the IPKW will be offering energy start-ups development opportunities at our cleantech campus. This allows us to create a breeding ground for new businesses and to assist in speeding up the process of getting innovative products and services to market.


Facilities and Meeting People

We’re also enhancing the community by offering a wide range of facilities. These range from the De Waard restaurant and our own maintenance service to the boot camp and an electric car sharing car for IPKW users. Central in all of this is meeting and sharing knowledge. That’s why we regularly host events and meet-ups inside our gates. That enables us to join hands and, together, work on developing tomorrow’s energy campus in what is a very special place.