Veco is a world leading manufacturer of micro-precision parts. It serves the world’s most innovative, hi-tech companies from industries that demand high quality and precision. Since 2020, Veco becamepart of the Muon group,world leader in Precision Engineering. TheMuon Group consists of leading companies in the fields of Electroforming, Chemical Etching,and Laser Material Processing, all of which are high precision manufacturing technologies.

Our mission
To transform a design challenge into a micro-precision part that goes beyond our customers’ imagination.

Our vision
Customers need industrial, cost-effective fabrication of microprecision parts to further drive the miniaturisation of their products. Miniaturization is no longer a wish; it is a fact. We can see it spreading across all kinds of industries.

Our technologies
Electroforming is an additive manufacturing process for precision metal part fabrication. Its uniqueness is that it can grow metal parts atom by atom, providing extremeaccuracy and high aspect ratios. Together with our sister companies in the Muon Group, Veco is able to provide a wide spectrum of technical possibilities, enabled by Electroforming, Chemical Etching, aswell as LaserMaterial Processing. These technologies provide a powerful combination of codevelopment flexibility and industrial production capability; there’s always a perfect solution from prototyping to mass production, for standard and custom-made products.

Markets we serve
– Aerospace & Defense
– Automotive
– Electronics & Semiconductor
– Food / Filtration
– Industrial Automation
– Digital Printing
– Medical
– Renewable Energy



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