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Recycling waste into new products and raw materials

There’s no such thing as waste. Today, any material, heat, energy, or product that is thrown out, has the potential to be re-used as a raw material for something else, something new. At IPKW, we try and collect our waste separately, where we can, to allow us to re-use the stuff we throw out as new products and raw materials. This enables us to stimulate a circular economy and a circular industry and helps reduce the enormous amount of waste the Netherlands produces.

Raw Materials Bank

We have set up a raw materials bank for separate waste collection. We take all the plastics, organics, wood and paper collected in the bank and turn them into new products and raw materials we can use elsewhere on the premises. One example of this is our Plastic Fantastic project where we turn locally collected plastic waste into valuable products such as park benches and refuse bins.

The Power of Design

We’re trying to upgrade waste flows as best we can and in doing so, we also call on the vast amount of design and product expertise we harbour within our gates. That design & technology combination is one we’ll often go in search for: we’ve hosted cross-over events that have looked to highlight cross-over opportunities for businesses from different sectors; we’ve launched the IPKW Collection, i.e. the interior for the De Waard park restaurant, which is all sourced from waste materials we had available on-site; and we initiated the in4nite project, which combined product designer creativity with IPKW residents Low & Bonar’s technical expertise.


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