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History as a quality

Fully revitalising and activating and improving the sustainability of the park’s buildings was the first step in the IPKW’s redevelopment. We purchased a rather derelict property where the unique D. Masselink designed buildings weren’t receiving the proper recognition they deserved.

These buildings had real period value, so we began renovating them to increase their appeal to potential new tenants. The renovation sought to maintain the buildings’ original, period characteristics, while at the same time have them meet all the requirements – climate control, look and feel, interior design – today’s potential users would desire of them.

Energy Label A

The park’s redevelopment also sought to have the buildings awarded Energy Label A, something which presented a real challenge in old properties like these. Any building that hadn’t yet received any specific designation was to receive a temporary one.

We’re very appreciative of the area constituting a single unit and we deliberately refrained from carving that unit up into smaller ones and also re-enhanced the park’s original road network. We always include the surrounding area in any building we develop or redevelop. This step-by-step approach will eventually see us arrive at a fully-redeveloped business park of high-end quality across the board.


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