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Corporate social responsibility equates to sustainable enterprise

We try and look out for people’s welfare, as we try and offer you a workplace that puts a smile on your face and energy in your tank. The IPKW is a community that attaches great importance to working together, engagement and social responsibility It’s a place where meeting other people is encouraged and facilitated through events, sports and the park restaurant. It’s also a place for enjoying what you do for a living. Its great buildings are spacious and offer a great deal of sunlight.

Inclusive society

We believe in an inclusive society in which everyone can participate. We feel that we have a responsibility to lead by example in that respect, as we are a place that stimulates growth in people and businesses alike. That’s why we as a business park actively recruit people with occupational limitations. We do this within our own organisation, as well as from our park management role: we hire people with occupational limitations ourselves, as well as encourage our tenants to do the same. Connecting people and businesses and consciously carrying out the message of corporate social responsibility helps improve the park’s sustainability in general.


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