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Sustainability in Mobility

Mobility is an area that’s really going places. Electric and hydrogen-powered cars and the autonomous car have been under development for many years now. We’ve also seen a great deal of developments take place in this area at the IPKW, and we’re always trying to implement the innovations and discoveries made here within the gates of our own park. The IPKW is a testing ground for the development and testing of prototypes, with their final products sold both inside as well as beyond its gates. We try and lead by example in that respect. We’re not looking to wait for that moment when we’ve got enough electric cars driving around the premises. We’d rather be a step ahead of that and put charging stations in first.

Electric Vehicles

The IPKW’s charging square offers capacity for the charging of no less than sixty electric cars at any one time. In offering these squares a central location within the park, we’re attaching importance to sustainable mobility.

Our colleagues at Maintenance and Park Management all drive electric and all IPKW residents have the opportunity of getting the taste for electric driving though our Nissan LEAF car sharing car. The e-bike bike sharing project also offers residents a free opportunity to improve vitality, reduce congestion and help the environment by taking out one of our ten e-bike bike-sharing bikes.


Together with our partners, HyGear, NedStack, HyMove, HAN Automotive and Arnhem city council, we’re shaping the region’s hydrogen cluster with our hydrogen refuelling station, the hydrogen bus and our hydrogen cars. The cluster is promoting developments to allow existing hydrogen technology to become incorporated into the energy system in a big way. Hydrogen has massive potential and looks like it could prove the vital link in achieving Europe’s 2050 objectives.

We’re also one of the founders of the Clean Mobility Center.


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