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future map


The IPKW will be Holland’s most sustainable business park by 2025. With that in mind we try and make the park a better, prettier, and greener place to work every day we can.

Why we’re doing this

The world is changing. The most important challenge facing us today is changing the way we treat our planet. And because we’re here for eternity, we are going to change along with that. We can get ourselves ready for the future if we can find a sustainable and innovative way in which to approach the development of our site and its buildings, energy, waste, people and mobility. That can then be a future no longer negatively affected by us.

How we’re doing that

We’re going to do that on a site we’ve upgraded to cleantech campus. This is a place for manufacturing and design as well as R&D. A place where meeting other people is important. And a place where education is better incorporated. Together those components contribute to our goal: becoming and staying Holland’s most sustainable business park.

Though we prefer acting to thinking, that’s not to say that there’s no thought that goes into what we do around here. Our people are the glue that binds all the different topics and projects. We are the ones who recognise opportunities, who link knowledge to ability and who are always there for our tenants. In that we think of our business park as one big testing ground where sustainable innovations are invented, developed, tested and adopted inside, as well as outside its gates.

Moreover, the businesses residing with us are sustainable. They are sustainable in the way they think, work and manufacture. Size is not relevant in that respect: we are home to big international players, but are equally pleased to be able to house tiny start-ups. With them and with schools, governments and stakeholders, we we shape our circular ambitions.

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