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Circular solutions for Energy and Raw Materials

The IPKW has teamed up with Veolia – a world-leading company in the optimised deployment of raw materials and fuels – in making the park’s energy supplies more sustainable. Together we’re looking into circular energy solutions and the use of local raw materials and fuels. These include using waste flows for energy production, for example, or using the waste flows of one company as a source of raw materials for another.

We could quite obviously never get that done without the help of our park businesses. They produce waste water, energy and waste Veolia is able to re-use in the production of energy or local raw materials to be used by other companies.

We’re currently working on solar panelling for our roofs, as well as a specific solar energy patch, cooling heat recycling, putting in a biomass boiler, heat net network connection and four on-site wind turbines.

About Veolia

Veolia develops water, waste and energy solutions that contribute to creating a sustainable future for our cities and industries. These three of Veolia’s core activities complement each other and ensure that raw materials and fuels remain available, are conserved and can be re-used.


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