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Holland’s most sustainable business park

The IPKW will be Holland’s most sustainable business park by 2025. With that in mind we try and make the park a better, prettier, and greener place to work every day we can. To us the IPKW is one big sustainability testing ground where together with our partners, tenants, schools, governments and stakeholders we can work on our circular ambitions. In that, any output – in terms of raw materials, energy and knowledge – produced in one process, acts as input for another.

We’re working on innovations in areas such as energywastemobility and real estate, but also in terms of people. All these areas feature one or more icon projects that are the subject of our efforts towards 2025. In the meantime, we’re just going to keep at it hard innovating and experimenting.

We’ve summarised our ambitions in the Future Map. Take a look at the Future Map.