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Our sustainable and optimised energy infrastructure allows us to offer our residents the ideal production environment. The IPKW houses large-scale manufacturing and processing companies.

Veolia owns the park’s power station and waste-water treatment plant. It supplies the park’s buildings and production processes the energy and other utilities our resident businesses require.

Utilities available at the IPKW:

  • heating
  • power
  • steam at a range of pressure levels up to 100 t p/h
  • natural gas
  • power grid management
  • various water qualities, including processing water, cooling water and tap water.
  • cooling
  • compressed air
  • waste water treatment
  • condensate
  • inspections

Circular ambition

Veolia is a world-leading company in the optimised deployment of raw materials and fuels. It employs 187,000 people world-wide and its efforts contribute to creating a sustainable future for our cities and industries. We’ve joined hands at the IPKW in looking into circular energy, water and waste solutions and the use of local raw materials and fuels.

Read more on our circular ambition.


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