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The IPKW is an enclosed site offering plenty of parking space to the employees of its resident businesses and its visitors.

Regular employees are granted access to the grounds by virtue of their access badge, where they are free to use the 24/7 parking facilities. Many buildings across the park offer such parking spaces.

Visitors are to report to the reception desk at the Main Entrance, where they will be given a visitor’s badge and directions to the nearest parking zone. Should the resident business so desire, they will be notified of the arrival of their visitor by the reception. Read more on registering your visitor.

The park has put in central bike sheds to be used for parking bicycles, mopeds and scooters.

Several EV charging stations have been made available in a number of central locations. The IPKW sports more than seventy charging stations, ensuring sufficient charging capacity for all its employees and visitors. Read more on our charging facilities..


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