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Boot Camp

All IPKW residents are offered the chance of participating in our twice-weekly boot camp sessions. The boot camp sessions are one-hour workouts offered free of charge immediately after work. We think it’s important that a campus like ours offers its residents the opportunity to exercise. This stimulates team bonding and gives everyone an easy exercising option to help with a healthy lifestyle.

The boot camp sessions are intense full-body workouts for all levels. Everyone, regardless of their sex, build, age or shape, can work out at their own pace and level of intensity. These sessions offer a great alternative for doing some outdoor exercise without all the heavy lifting. Our very experienced boot camp instructor and your fellow boot-campers give you just the right motivation and create just the right atmosphere for working out in.

IPKW boot camp sessions are led by a professional instructor every Monday and Thursday from 5.15pm – 6.15pm. Changing rooms and showers have been made available on the rear side of the LB Building.


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