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Where design and technology meet

The IPKW is working on interconnecting the creative sector with manufacturing. We feel that if they work together, they have the potential of growing each of their respective sectors. Though hosting events and facilitating meetings is important, one other major tool in bringing this about is setting up a physical space where both sectors are joined.

IPKW Design Studios

The IPKW’s HE Building is a shared yard where various design studios employ talented young Arnhem designers working in product design, architecture, interior design and research. The continuous striving for greater professionalism characterises the mixture there of young, talented individuals and the more experienced creative entrepreneurs.

Different generations and areas of expertise cross-pollinating like this contributes to the feel inside the HE Building as the park’s most exciting and creative place to be. It allows designers to experiment using a wide range of production processes and materials, gaining them a great deal of added technical expertise. The designers take a great deal of interest in, and are eager to learn about, the as-of-yet unreleased industrial potential residing at the IPKW and which the creative and innovative approach taken there is able to unlock.

The designers harbour different ambitions, such as setting up their own professional design studio, entering into innovative partnerships with manufacturing companies, or successfully marketing certain products and/or ideas.


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