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All persons within park premises are to abide by the requirements of the Dutch Health and Safety Act [Dutch: Arbo-wet] and its related legislation. All persons within park premises are to not only make themselves aware of the general park safety regulations in effect, they are to also make themselves aware of the rules and procedures in effect at the location they’re visiting, or working at.

You are responsible both for your own safety as well as that of others. In the event that you were to encounter an unsafe situation, or be made aware of such by others, you are to immediately cease your activities and report the situation to a supervisor.

Evacuation routes, corridors, emergency exits, staircases, exits, fire extinguishers, safety gear and switchboxes are to remain accessible at all times and are not to be obstructed by anything, or in any manner. You are prohibited from bringing any alcohol and/or drugs onto the Industriepark Kleefse Waard premises, as well as being under the influence thereof.

The use of mobile phones may be restricted in certain areas. These areas have been marked as such.


Access to the Industriepark Kleefse Waard will be granted to those in possession of a valid access badge. Security may issue you such a badge once you have reported to them at the main entrance. The business park authority reserves the right to search any person on the premises.

Any person entering the premises of one of the park’s resident companies, be it as a visitor, or an employee, is required to observe the rules governing the duty to report one’s presence that apply at that company.

Third-party employees are to be invited by, or on behalf of, the person under whose responsibility they have been commissioned to either work, or provide services, at the park.

Personal Safety

Please restrict your efforts to the tasks and duties bestowed upon you and for which you have been commissioned. Do not commence performing your duties and tasks before making yourself sufficiently aware of the dangers and risks involved. Have either your superior, or your client, inform you of these.

Make sure you are wearing the appropriate attire and that your clothing and shoes meet the required standards. Health and safety precautions and/or the wearing of protective gear are mandatory in the areas so indicated.

Do not use any tools, equipment and other aids that do not meet the required standards, or aren’t fit for their intended purpose.

No Smoking

All persons employed at the Industriepark Kleefse Waard shall take note of the park’s no-smoking policy. Smoking is prohibited on all park premises, bar its designated smoking areas.


The burning off, and/or dumping, of chemicals, waste, oils, etc. anywhere on the park premises is strictly forbidden. Please immediately notify your superior upon discovering any potential leaks involving dangerous chemicals. In such an event, please also immediately call Industriepark Kleefse Waard facility services at +31 (0)26 384 46 46, or the Security Service Point at +31 (0)26 361 14 04.

Any chemicals released must be disposed of tidily and immediately – in consultation with park authorities.

Duty to Report

In the event of a fire, or emergency, immediately call both 112 emergency and the Security Service Point at +31 (0)26 361 14 04. Please also immediately notify your superior and anyone in the immediate area. Begin putting out the fire using the fire extinguishers made available to you in the area you’re in.

General Alarm

In case of a fire alarm, all persons will be required to follow the instructions issued to them by the fire brigade and the evacuation leaders to the letter. Do not use the elevators in the event of a fire.


Traffic on the park premises is governed by Dutch traffic laws. The park speed limit is 25 kph. The general parking area is located out the front of the park’s main entrance. Only those in possession of an access badge issued by the Security Service Point will be permitted to park their vehicles inside the gates.

Emergencies: 112
Security Service Point: +31 (0)26 361 14 04