Space for your future plans

 Industry Park Kleefse Waard; innovative, sustainable and industrial entrepreneurship.

We develop for you the space where you can work under perfect conditions. In contrast to other established industry parks we create business premises from the perspective of our clients. Because of this strategy Industry Park Kleefse Waard has become a successful and modern park. Besides the extensive possibilities for customisation, the collective facilities are definitely an advantage for each entrepreneur who locates his/her business at our industrial park.

The park has optimal accessibility for both people and goods via road, water and air. The park is enclosed by a fence and is guarded 24/7. The park also has an environmental category 5 status. With all these favourable conditions we offer entrepreneurs that want to grow and innovate the space to work under optimal conditions. Moreover, growth and innovation are the most important aspects in the development of the park which is the perfect location for energy intensive companies with an eye for sustainability.

 The dynamics of your company will remain, now and in the future, the focal point of the evolution of our park. This way we create, with and for each other, a guarantee for the future. 

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