room for customisation

With regard to your housing question we will form a project team, together with you. This team will draw up the wishes and demands for your business accommodation in a building plan. During this process you can, at any time, adjust your wishes and demands. After all, it is your business we are talking about. After that we will take care of the implementation of the entire project. The result is a business accommodation that offers you the possibility of optimal entrepreneurship.


Within the customisation concept of Industry Park Kleefse Waard you have the choice of various options:

Lease of existing buildings– Among the existing buildings there are spaces with various applications available, such as office spaces, business accommodation, laboratories and studios. The offer continues to change. Our project team can advise you whether an existing building is an option that agrees with your housing demands. The existing (business) accommodation can be renovated according to your wishes.

Lease of new buildings – a new building is designed and constructed according to your wishes. You will enter into a long-term lease for the ground and the building(s). Depending on the growth of your business the lease contract can “grow along” with it and be adjusted to the new situation.

Ground lease construction – there is room at the park for new buildings. You can have the buildings construct yourself while you only rent the ground. If desired, the design and the construction of the buildings can be carried out by IPKW against a competitive contractor sum.

Lease-purchase construction - you take an option on the building at IPKW and when the growth of your company allows it you will buy it from IPKW real estate.

Sale-and-lease-back construction - IPKW real estate buys back the building that is owned by you, so that you, at a time that suits you best, have the liquid means to invest in your company.

We like to work out one or more options into a concrete offer.