Future-proof industry park

Industriy ParkKleefse Waard is a future-proof industry park. By means of logical solutions for energy problems we are cost-effective. We aim at comfort and flexibility.

Future-proof energy management at the park. We aim to achieve this through:

  • Autonomous generation: in order to decrease the dependence on fossil fuels and environmental impact we aim to generate the necessary energy locally. For example, by means of solar energy and biomass fermentation.
  • Reduction of demand and therefore reduction in cost: without failing short ofthe characteristics of the park, we want, by means of renovations of the cascoof the building and of the roof, to minimalise power demand. We also would like to use an important characteristic of the buildings, their massive construction, in order to reduce the demand for cooling and heating.
  • Making use of the environment: we want to consume the remaining fossil fuels as efficiently as possible, for example by using the energy of adjoining surface water for cooling and heating.
  • Making use of the reserves and the by-products: we stimulate the use of residual heat of companies by, for example, heating of an adjoining building.
  • Transportation at the park by means of electricity and hydrogen technology.
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