EMT incubator in building LB


IndustryParkKleefse Waard and the kiEMT Foundation are planning to set up an incubator at Industry Park Kleefse Waard. This incubator must become a breeding ground for starting companies within the EMT cluster. This target group will be supported by the kiEMT Foundation by means of the EMT Radar programme. The incubator connects with this and provides in the necessary accommodation. The incubator will start with 500 m2 workshop on the ground floor and 1.500 m2 office space / lab space on the 1st floor of the LB building for approximately 30 incubatees. The building has room to grow to 5.000 m2. Expected completion: 2nd half 2011.

IPKW aims to make the LB building sustainable both on the inside and on the outside as described by park director Frank Westers;

 “We do not only want to give starting companies the opportunity to expand via the Incubator, but we also want to help them with their business plans. In order to be able to continuously realise a transition, new tenants are part of a special project team of which also an engineer, an architect and myself are part. When a concept joins in with the market and an increase in scale takes place, the companies can then continue to grow within the IPKW surroundings where, following LB, more sustainable new buildings will be realised.”

Objective: Accelerating the growth of favourable start-ups and spin-offs EMT-based, by means of facilitating accommodation, facilities, guidance / advice, capital and network.

Target group: start-ups and spin-offs EMT-based.

Entrance requirements: Entrepreneurial team, clear EMT product, market for the EMT product, support of the investor.

Market scan: KplusV was assigned by IPKW to carry out a market scan amongst the target group. From this, a clear need emerged. The market scan also mapped the wishes of the target group.

Definition: An incubator is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs and companies. It aims to support the, mostly, beginning companies in becoming healthy and well-performing companies.

Partners: IPKW is in talks with HAN (University of Applied Sciences Arnhem-NIjmegen) for connection with a knowledge institute, Arnhem city council as the liaison in the EMT network, Oost NV for the connection with capital and business angels, and various other parties for the incubator management team.

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