Symposium Energy Efficient Drying op 20 juni 2011 van BioValor Europe

The substitution of fossil fuels and fertilizers is stimulated worldwide due to shortage, political incentives and CO2 reduction. An important factor in the utilization of bio-based fuels and fertilizers is drying of wet biomasses. BioValor Europe BV introduces the non-thermal drying technology Pulverizing Air Dryer to the European market. For purposes of demonstration, testing and development BioValor installed a industrial unit at its headquaters in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The PAD drying technology shows a proven 75-85% energy reduction compared to thermal drying. 

On behalf of the opening of BioValor’s industrial demonstration faciltiy for the PAD system, we are honored to invite interested parties for this symposium, which is organised in close cooperation with the Province of Gelderland. During the symposium the role of biobased products in our economy and more specific the drying of wet biomasses is highligted by speakers from industry, government and academy. During the symposium the demonstration facility is officially opened and participants are invited to visit the plant.

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